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Mito-otaki Large Waterfall

The Mito-otaki Large Waterfall is located about 20 minutes on foot from the promenade in the mountain park “Hinohara Tomin no Mori”, which is along the mountain trail of Mito-san Mountain (1531 meters above sea level), one of the 300 famous mountains in Japan. There are benches around the waterfall where you can relax and enjoy the magnificent view of the waterfall. During the coldest part of winter it becomes an icefall that is quite worth seeing.

The view from Takimi-bashi Bridge is also recommended. You can enjoy the whole view of Mito-otaki Waterfall from the suspension bridge over the stream downstream from the waterfall. A stream of water flowing down the rock surface from a height of 30 meters is a healing sight for visitors seeking nature.

Address: Kazuma, Hinohara-mura, Nishi-tama-gun, Tokyo 190-0221

Tel: 043-598-1011 (Hinohara-mura Village Office)