Another Tokyo TAMA

What is "Another TOKYO Tama" ?

Another TOKYO TAMA is a website managed by the Tama Tourism Promotion Council. It is comprised of the Commerce and Industry Association, Tourism Council, businesses etc. in the Tokyo's Tama Regional.

Approximately 4.3 million in 30 cities, towns and villages live in the Tokyo's Tama region. This region with its convenient proximity to the Tokyo megalopolis possess a wide array of unique features.

It is a city of highly developed transportation systems, yet possesses abundant greenery not expected of a city of its magnitude. It possesses a history and culture nurtured over many centuries. The produce harvested from its soil provide ingredients for meals that are gentle on the stomach.

The many people that live, work, and socialize in the area bring a variety of flavors to Tokyo and the Tama region.

The Another TOKYO TAMA project seeks to share the charm of the Tama region with the rest of Japan, eventually expanding to include the rest of the world.

What is the Tama Council for the Promotion of Tourism?

This groups seeks to promote tourist attractions in the Tama region, both to domestic and international tourists and to increase the number of repeat visitors. Through an increase in the promotion of tourism and tourism-related businesses, the goal is further the development of industries in the region etc. This group is comprised of a wide array of inter-connected Tama region business and industry, tourism and agricultural associations.

From here on out, the aim of the group is to promote Tama tourist route development and the repurposing of old farmhouses and commoner dwellings for use as inns, while allowing tourists to experience life in the surrounding area. Currently a project is under way to create and make available to tourists a map that highlights the charm of the Tama region, along with a homepage and SNS for further digital promotion.

About this website

This website is managed by the Tama Council for the Promotion of Tourism.

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