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Tama Forest Science Garden (Forestry Research Institute Tama Forest Science Garden)

If you are looking for a little-known botanical garden, you should visit the Forestry Research Institute Tama Forest Science Garden near Takao-san Mountain. A research institute related to forests. The “Tree Garden” is where about 500 kinds of trees are planted on a 7-hectare site, and the “Sakura Conservation Forest” is where about 1400 cherry trees from all over the country are gathered on an 8-hectare site. There is an exhibition “Forest Science Museum” for the results of research on forests, both of which are open to the public. In the “Sakura Preservation Forest”, cherry blossoms with pink and white petals bloom one after another from the end of February to the end of April, and the scenery is dyed in red and white spread all over. You can also meet various animals, birds and insects throughout the park.

* Since the restoration work for typhoon damage in the first year of Reiwa will be carried out until the end of March (scheduled) in Reiwa 3, you will not be able to tour the cherry blossoms during that period. Please check the homepage

* four-tour information.

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