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Tama’s Inn

There are many unique accommodations in the Tama area, which has urban areas and mountainous areas. For example, the latest city hotel designed for business trips. For example, an old quaint inn that makes use of tourism resources in the mountains. A place where cutting-edge and history merge in spite of the big city of Tokyo. That is the characteristic of the Tama area. From accommodations that meet a wide variety of needs, we will introduce 3 selected facilities and recommended spots in the surrounding area.

Recommended information

Kabuto-ya Ryokan (Japanese style hotel)

  • Hinohara Village
  • The Culture of the Tama area

Kabuto-ya Ryokan is a thatched-roof hotel nestled in Hinohara-mura Village, where vibrant nature abounds. The thick thatched roof traps air within its layers, so it has excellent heat insulation and is characterized by keeping the interior cool in summer and warm in winter. The thatched roof of Kabuto-ya Ryokan is a helmet style gabled roof built about 250 yeas ago, and has an architectural structure where wood is joined with almost no nails. The hall is divided into a new building of spacious rooms with a hearth and a main building with a hall built from heavy beams. Why don’t you spend a relaxing time feeling the history of the majestic pillars and beams?

Kabuto-ya Ryokan offers a healthy meals course that uses abundant local ingredients such as seasonal wild plants, botan (wild boar meat) nabe (hot pot), fish dishes, and tofu. It is said many tourists come to enjoy the fish dishes that are grilled in the hearth.

2612 Kazuma, Hinohara-mura, Nishitamagun, Tokyo 190-0221
TEL: 042-598-6136


  • Hachiouji City
  • The Culture of the Tama area

The elegant interior promises a sophisticated hotel life――. To provide a service of this word as it is written in the official brochure is the Hachioji Keio Plaza Hotel in front JR Hachioji Station. The 15-story building has a banquet hall, restaurant, wedding and reception hall, and 200 guest rooms on the 7th to 14th floors. There are “suite rooms”, high-quality “executive rooms”, and spacious corner rooms, so you can relax in the most suitable room according to your taste and purpose. It also features 7 types of restaurants and bars, including Japanese food, teppanyaki, sushi, western food, Chinese food, bars, and lounges, in order to offer a variety of delicious foods.

14-1 Asahi-cho, Hachioji City, Tokyo 192-0083
TEL: 042-656-3111

Seiryu kibako (guest house)

  • Ome City
  • The Culture of the Tama area

Seiryu kibako (guest house) is a guesthouse located along the old Ome Kaido Highway, about a 3-minute walk from JR Ome Station. Many tourists visit this place as a base for exploring Ome City and sightseeing around Okutama Town. Built in 1927, it is a signboard building with a nostalgic look. One of the buildings is designated as a national registered tangible cultural property and an important component in the formation of the Ome landscape.

The inside of the hotel has an elegant and modern atmosphere, as if you had traveled back in time to the early Showa period. Antique furniture such as gramophones, radios, and pendulum clocks decorated about the room form a calm space within.

At the café on the first floor, you can enjoy coffee specially blended by the home-roasted coffee bean shop “Tama World Coffee” in Daimon, Ome City. It seems that there are many fans for this flavor that includes a slight sweetness in the aftertaste.

303-2 Naka-cho, Ome City, Tokyo 198-0082
TEL: 0428-78-4947