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Ookunitama Shinto Shrine Misokaichi

Continuing since the early part of the Edo era, Musashino’s only year-end market is held on the last day of the year at Ookunitama-jinja Shrine. Before the new year street stalls sell Japanese traditional household goods such as hoes, baskets, and mortars and pestles, and things needed for celebrating the New Year, votive objects for home shrines, household altars, carved statues of Ebisu Daikoku (the god of wealth), festive chopsticks, and more.


☆Date: Dec. 30 (Sat)~Dec. 31 (Sun)

☆Open time: About 10:00~about 18:00

☆Address: 3-1 Miyamachi, Fuchu City, Tokyo

☆Access: Walk: About 5 minutes walk from Keio Line「Fuchu」station, or about 5 minutes walk from JR Nanbu Line or Musashino Line Fuchu-Honmachi Station