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Takao Visitor Center

The Takao Visitor Center on the summit of Takao-san Mountain is a facility that provides information on local nature such as animals and plants that inhabit the Takao-san Mountain area, and an introduction of the historical culture and information on mountain trails. Opened in 1969, it is also the first visitor center in Japan where an interpreter permanently resided. In this center, where you can enjoy learning the history and nature of Takao-san Mountain there are panels of information on the mountain trails along with stuffed animal and plants on display. At the information counter you can ask and resolve any kind of question regarding Takao-san Mountain. You can also enjoy annual events which can provide nature experience and outdoor programs, and you can learn about nature while walking in the forest of Takao-san Mountain with the interpreter.

「Takao Visitor Center」
☆Address:2176 Takao-machi, Hachioji City, Tokyo 193-0844
☆TEL: 042-664-7872