Another Tokyo TAMA

Ookurayu was founded in 1966 and is the oldest public bath in Machida City. Ookurayu, which has been loved not only as a hot spring facility but also as a place for local resident communities, was renovated in 2016, exactly 50 years since its establishment.

The large tile roof and chimney that rise overhead have both been retained, and the interior and exterior have been reborn as a simple and high-quality public bath. At the time of the renovations, the owner, Mr. Tsuchida said; “I wanted to make a public bath of a kind not seen before.” As proof of this there are no water jet or electric baths installed in this public bath facility. There are only large tubs made of Cypress wood. The softened water bath called “Beautiful skin hot water” is characterized by the feeling of moistness imparted after bathing. How about taking the time to bath in a quiet space filled with the scent of cypress?

Address: 522 Kisomachi Machida City Tokyo 194-0033

Tel: 042-723-5664