Another Tokyo TAMA

Located in the Akikawa River watershed, this sake brewery was founded in 1804. Clean water filtered by the Chichibu Paleozoic strata is pumped from 170 meters below and used for brewing. The brand name was chosen because long ago the Akikawa River watershed was host to a large crane population and was auspiciously name “Chiyotsuru” for this fact. The brewery is a Japanese style storehouse with thick walls built in the Edo period and a modern storehouse with air-conditioning that is kept at 10 degrees C or less throughout the year, and utilizes both features for sake brewing. The sake “Chiyotsuru” is still in many ways hand made. It is a flavorful sake, though a tranquil variety that cherishes the original umami of the rice.

Address. 63, Ushinuma, Akiruno-shi, Tokyo