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Kazuma Bunko Memorial Hall

A Bunko (branch school) is an educational facilty built separately from the main school so that children can attend school in areas where transportation is inconvenient. In Hinohara-mura Village, the educational facility and predecessor of the current elementary school, Kazuma Bunko was built as one of these and was part of the school system during the Meiji era. It has been loved as a school for children for 125 years.


The current Kazuma Bunko Memorial Hall was built in 1959 and was used as an actual school building until 1999. If you step into the memorial hall, you will surely feel nostalgic. Lookng back on those days when you were facing the blackboard may be seen as one from of adventure.

Address: 2469 Hinohara-mura, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo 190-0221