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Junkyu Muto Sculpture Museum

The “Junkyu Muto Sculpture Museum” is located on the north side of the Forest Inn Showakan, a 7-minute walk from Akishima Station. There you can watch and enjoy world-renown marble sculptures such as those found decorating the papal palace in the Vatican City for free. In this publicly accessible space there are displayed nine works such as “CIRCLE WIND”, “PAX2003”, “MALE AND FEMALE” and “DISK WIND” here you can come into contact with both nature and art in a forest setting.

「Junkyu Muto Sculpture Museum」
☆Address: Showa Forest in Akishima City, Tokyo
☆Access: About 7 minutes on foot from Akishima Station on the JR Ome Line (there is a shuttle bus to Forest Inn Showakan)
☆TEL: 042-546-1105