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Fukasawa Tiny Museum

“Fukasawa Tiny Museum” is a private museum located in the lush greenery of the Fukasawa area where works by modeling artist Akimitsu Tomonaga and others are exhibited. It is a hidden place where a garden covered with greenery quietly surrounds an antique building.
Approximately 100 puppets designed and produced by Mr. Tomonaga which appeared in the puppet show “Purin Purin Monogatari” broadcast on NHK from 1979 to 1982, are on display. In addition, you can see about 50 handmade works such as wooden carvings, woodblock prints, and lamps by Mr. Tomonaga.
Coffee and tea can be enjoyed in the adjoining tearoom, and you can spend an elegant time overlooking the beautiful garden and pond.

Address: 492 Fukasawa, Akiruno City, Tokyo 190-0172

Tel: 042-595-0336