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The Tama Camp

The Tama Area outdoors to the west of Tokyo is not only highly attractive to outdoor enthusiasts, but also to amateur campers and families as well.

With easy access to the Tama Area via a one-hour train ride from the center of Tokyo and a resurgence in the camping scene in recent years, the merits of Tokyo campsites are once again being recognized.

On the weekends, campers can be seen in almost every station and the mountains heading to campsites.

Of course, this heightened degree of attention is largely due to the popularity of the facilities, such as glamping sites made to resemble tropical luxury resorts, campsites near train stations favored by families, and even campgrounds within the valleys endorsing “sauna camps.”

Here, we will introduce camping facilities that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways along with some recommended places to stop by.

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Woodland Bothy means “The little hut in the woods”, which is a place where we go to get relief from the miscellaneous stresses of everyday life. Climbing the mountain for about 30 minutes, an unexplored region appeared at last. Having the special experience where the master chef serves a special meal by himself, is provided to only one group per day. First to see is a glamping auberge (woodland inn), and then in addition can be found traditional Japanese style housing facilities and camping sites (both are limited to one group per day). Here you can refresh your mind and body with clean air and delicious food surrounded by quiet nature that you cannot imagine in Tokyo.

684 Youzawa, Akiruno City, Tokyo 190-0171
TEL. 042-596-6645

Hikawa Campsite

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As Hikawa Campsite can be reached from Shinjuku by train without any transfers make it quite accessible. All campers, including families and individuals may visit. BBQ and bonfires are also possible at the free site where you can freely lay out camping gear. You can experience canoeing and kayaking classes nearby, providing more opportunities to enjoy nature to the fullest.

702 Hikawa, Okutama-cho, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo 198-0212
TEL. 0428-83-2134

Fukasawa-kei Valley Shizenjin-mura Village

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  • Akiruno
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This location is about a 20-minute walk from Musashiitsukaichi Station. Fukawasawa-kei Valley Shizenjin-mura Village is a craft village surrounded by nature, where you can easily choose and set up a campsite with an accommodation style of either a bungalow or your own tent. Although it is a campsite, it also has a working space. You can enjoy both work and play at once. How about spending your relaxation time in the middle of nature.

198 Fukasawa, Akiruno-shi, Tokyo 190-0172
TEL. 070-3985-4878