Another Tokyo TAMA

The area surrounded by rocks lining both sides of Akaizawa, upstream from the Kanotogawa River, is called “Kanotoiwa.” According to the “Fudoki” (ancient descriptions of regional climate, culture, etc.), the name “Kanotoiwa” (literally, “the god’s rock door”) comes from the view of sheer cliffs dominating both shores, which look like a half-opened gate leading to the god’s land. Ahead of the rocky path in between 100-meter-high cliffs is a small waterfall with a dignified appearance, presumably retaining the same fantastic image as seen by people in bygone days.

☆Address: 8020, Kanoto, Hinohara-mura, Nishi-Tama-gun, Tokyo
☆TEL: 042-598-0069(General Incorporated Association Hinohara Mura Tourism Association)