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Kuzuryu-jinja Shrine/Fall

Kuzuryu-jinja Shrine is located in the Kazuma forest in Hinohara-mura Village at the uppermost stream of Akikawa-keikoku Valley. It is about 5 minutes walk to the west of the Tokyo Municipal Road 206 route from the Kazuma bus stop. In 1545 during the Northern and Southern Dynasties, Nakamura Igamori Fujiwara-no Nobuyoshi of the Kazuma-gumi clan who pioneered settlement in this area branched out and established the main shrine in Togakushi-mura Village.

Only 150 meters away from the Kuzuryu-jinja Shrine is the 10 meters high Kuzuryu-no-Taki Waterfall. Before the establishment of Kuzuryu-jinja Shrine, it was called “Yoko-no-Taki (Yoko Waterfall) because there was an active road and an important highway leading to other prefectures next to the waterfall. After the establishment of Kuzuryu-jinja Shrine, many believers were seen standing under the waterfall, it is said that it was named “Kuzuryu-no-Taki (Kuzuryu Waterfall)”. It is now known as a sacred place and many celebrities also visit.

Address: 7076 Kazuma, Hinohara-mura, Nishi-tama-gun, Tokyo 190-0221

Tel: 042-598-6135