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Hinata-wada Rinsen Teien Garden

Hinata-wada Rinsen Teien Garden was a Japanese garden owned by the early Showa era politician Tsukumo Kunitoshi from Ome City. It seemed to be named “Hinata-wada Rinsen Teien Garden” because Tsukumo Kunitoshi called it “Rinsen Baien Garden”. Currently, it was donated to Ome City and is open to the public for free.

In the park plum and weeping cherry blossoms bloom in spring, golden-rayed lilies open in summer and sasanqua in winter, and you can enjoy beautiful scenery from season to season. You can also see the clear stream of the Tama-gawa River from the garden because it is located along the Tama-gawa River Valley. It is not well known to anyone but the locals, so you can spend a relaxing time in this quiet space.

Address: 2-271 Hinatawada, Ome City, Tokyo 198-0046

Tel: 0428-24-2481