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Hatonosu-keikoku Canyon

Hatonosu-keikoku Canyon is about a 10-minute walk from JR Hatonosu Station. Cross the Ome-Kaido and head downhill to Hatonosu-keikoku Caynon. The clear stream of the Tamagawa River winds along the gorge formed by gigantic and ancient rocks. It is said that the place name of “Hato no Su (Pigeon’s Nest)” is derived from the fact that a pair of friendly pigeons made a nest at the nearby Tamagawasui-jinja Shrine and then people came to call this area by that name. If you go to the left in front of the suspension bridge (Hatonosu Kobashi), you can head toward Kori, and if you cross to the opposite bank, you can head toward Shiromaru, all while enjoying the beauty of the valley.

Address: Tanazawa, Okutama-cho, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo 198-0000