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You can appreciate about 10,000 hydrangeas which Mr. Chuichi Minamizawa, called Hanasaka old man “Chuichicchan” who lives in the local area, has planted and cared for over a half century by himself at “Minami-ajisai-yama” in the Fukasawa district of Akiruno City. In total about 30 species of Colorful hydrangeas grow, such as Annabel, Mountain hydrangeas, and Hydrangea Involucrata bloom mostly around mid-June and coming to an end in mid-July. The mountains’ natural foliage provides a beautiful sight where forest trees such as cedar coexist magnificently with the hydrangeas. A pleasing environment has been created along this mountain road to experience in 2018 where you can enjoy plants flowering within the natural forest environment.

Ajisai-yama Mountain

Address. 368 Fukasawa,Akiruno-shi, Tokyo
Tel. 090-5540-9100(do-mo)