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Tama’s Sake

Since the start of the Kansei Reforms in 1787, many Sake breweries were born throughout the Tama region through the encouragement of the shogunate. After all is said and done, the appeal of Sake made in the Tama region is that it is brewed with quality groundwater. And it is also attractive to be able to collect brands of rare and valuable Sake that have been selected by Tokyo that is a large city. There are so many varieties of Sake that even habitual drinkers don’t get bored.

Sake in the Tama region is always made with whole-hearted love by the Toji, who is the chief of workers at the Sake brewery. It is indispensable knowledge about Tokyo that there are many restaurants in the region that partner with local Sake breweries to sell their product that you may visit.

Another of Tokyo’s and Tama’s charms, can be found here.

Recommended information

Tamura shuzoujou

  • Fussa
  • Food
  • JR

A brewery located in Fussa with 200 years of history known for “Kasen”, “Tamura” and other sake. At Tamura Shuzojo sake brewery, who’s slogan is “Wajo-ryoshu” as “A good relationship brews a good sake.”, the elite workers are rigorously trained by Mr. Nambu Toji, he is one of Japan’s top three Toji and is locally born. Sake brewing is carried out daily with the utmost care and love.
The Kisen Junmai Daiginjo sold in spring is a special limited item that can be brewed only in small amounts using 35% of “Yamada Nishiki” rice and with Chichibu Okutama ground water used as sake mother water, producing an attractive Fruity fragrance and soft taste.

626 Fussa, Fussa City, Tokyo
TEL. 042-551-0003

Ozawa Shuzo Co., Ltd.

  • Ome
  • Food
  • JR

This brewery, founded in 1702 has been long-established in Sawai, Ome City, and is known for its representative sake brand “Sawanoi”. In the lush green area of Okutama, the sake brewed here is popular among drinkers at liquor stores and restaurants all over Japan. The brewery uses the premium raw rice and the spring mother water from deep inside a cave dug out of Chichibu Paleozoic strata bedrock. We have a sake brewing tour (free) with an enjoyable tasting experience held 4 times a day. We produce tofu in addition to sake. In the surrounding neighborhood there are also restaurants and museums where you can taste other local sake and tofu dishes.

2-770 Sawa, Ome City, Tokyo
TEL. 0428-78-8215

Ozawa Shuzojo Co., Ltd.

  • Hachioji
  • Food
  • JR

The Ozawa Shuzojo brewery was founded in 1926, and since then has been brewing the sake known as “Kuwano-miyako”. When Hojo Ujiteru built the castle “Hachioji-jo” and dominated all of Musashi-no-Kuni about 450 years ago, the area was already known for its diverse silk production. This area was locally referred to as “Soto:Kuwano-miyako”. This is where the name of the sake “Kuwano-miyako” historically originates from.
The sake “Hachioji-jo” is made using the rice from Hachioji and has been commercialized and sold as local sake.

2-15 Yagi-machi, Hachioji City, Tokyo
TEL. 042-624-1201

Ishikawa Shuzo Co., Ltd.

  • Fussa
  • Food
  • JR

It is a brewery founded in 1863 in Kumagawa, Fussa City. The Sake of superior brand “Tamajiman” uses underground natural water in Tokyo that pumps up from the site 150m below the ground and is brewing with old-fashioned cold-weather brewing. Also, using this good quality water, we have make a comeback a craft beer making since 1998 which we had been doing in the Meiji era. Buildings designated by the six national tangible cultural properties are located along the premises including a storehouse of sake brewery, and also a historical museum and a restaurant are established. It is a “Drinkers theme park” that you can touch the appeal of sake while tracing the history of sake brewery and Kumagawa.

Fukushima-shi, Tokyo, 1 Kumagawa
TEL. 042-553-0100

Nakamura Shuzo

  • Akiruno
  • Food
  • JR

Located in the Akikawa River watershed, this sake brewery was founded in 1804. Clean water filtered by the Chichibu Paleozoic strata is pumped from 170 meters below and used for brewing. The brand name was chosen because long ago the Akikawa River watershed was host to a large crane population and was auspiciously name “Chiyotsuru” for this fact. The brewery is a Japanese style storehouse with thick walls built in the Edo period and a modern storehouse with air-conditioning that is kept at 10 degrees C or less throughout the year, and utilizes both features for sake brewing. The sake “Chiyotsuru” is still in many ways hand made. It is a flavorful sake, though a tranquil variety that cherishes the original umami of the rice.

Ukinawa 63 Akiruno-shi, Tokyo
TEL. 042-558-0516

Toshimaya Shuzo Co., Ltd.

  • Higashi-Murayama
  • Food
  • Seibu

Founded in 1596, Toshimaya Shuzo Co., Ltd. is the oldest liquor company in Tokyo with brewing facilities in Higashimurayama. In preparation for sake production, water is pumped up from the Musashino bedrock at a depth of 150 meters. Brands such as “Kinkon” and “Kinkon Masamune” have been developed, here where “Kinkon Masamune” is the only sake that is dedicated as a sacred sake at Meijijingu and Kandamyojin. The brewery will allow sake tasting (for a fee). In addition, events such as live jazz are occasionally held at the warehouse with food provided.

3-14-10 Kumegawa-cho, Higashimurayama city, Tokyo
TEL. 042-391-0601

Partnership Company Noguchi Sake Store

  • Fuchu
  • Food
  • JR

This brewery founded in 1860. As Fuchu City used to be the location of the National Agency, the name of the representative brand “Kozuru (National Crane)” came from there. On the other hand, the “Tsuru (Crane)” is a bird which has been respected since ancient times. The brand name also comes from sake as beautiful as the cranes in the old National Agency. “Kozuru” which uses rice called “Miyama Nishiki” produces sake named “Kozuru Junmai Ginjo” and “Junmai Nakaya Kyubei” in addition, it also brews the sake named “Kurayami-matsuri Festival” named after the great festival at Okunitama jinja Shrine.

4-2-1 Miyanishi Cho, Fuchu City, Tokyo
TEL. 042-362-2117

Nozaki Shuzo Co.,Ltd.

  • Akiruno
  • Food
  • JR

Nozaki Shuzu Co., Ltd. is located in Tokura, Akiruno City and has moved further away from Tokyo along the highway Hinohara-kaido. The sake “Kisho” is commonly drank locally. The brewery uses the underground water of the mountain Shiroyama which comes above ground in front of the sake brewery. This waster is used as the originating water for the sake, also known as “mother water” in Japanese. The purchase of goods can be done in a liquor store centered in Akiruno City, in addition to the direct purchase that can be made at the brewery. These items have become popular souvenirs for those touring through Akikawa Keikouku Valley.

Tokyo Tokoro 63 Akiruno City
TEL. 042-596-0123