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Fukiage Shobu Iris Koen (Fukiage Iris Park)

Fukiage Shobu Iris Koen (Fukiage Iris Park) is created to preserve the valuable Yato area (U shape valley) where it is possible to see about 100,000 iris blossoms representing over 200 varieties of the species. The Yato area, which is included in the Katsunuma Jo Castle Ruins History Environmental conservation area. The environmental resources of this area are being developed to maintain a healthy environment. In fall you can see also see both Fujibakama (Eupatorium fortunei) and Higanbana (Cluster-amarylis). The Fukiagehanashobu Matsuri Festival (Fukiage Iris Festival) is held in early summer when Iris blooms re at their peak, and potted iris seedling and Aoume green plums are sold as souvenirs.

Fukiage Shobu Iris Koen (Fukiage Iris Park)
Address. 425 Fukiage,Ome-shi, Tokyo
Tel. 0428-24-2110(Ome City Hall Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tourism Division)
Tel. 0428-24-2481(Ome city tourist association)