Another Tokyo TAMA

Wakimizu is the most popular Japanese noodle restaurant out of more than about 20 restaurants in the same area, as they offer handmade soba using domestic milled buckwheat flour. The popular menu “Wakimizu Soba (Spring water Japanese noodles) is soba which can be enjoyed by the soba scent of buckwheat (with a 9:1 ratio of buckwheat flour to regular flour). Depending on the season, different buckwheat is used, for example, Ibaraki Hitachi Aki Soba buckwheat for the fall and Hokkaido coarsely ground soba and Fukushima coarsely ground soba for the summer season. “Soba-yokan” is an original Japanese sweet made by adding buckwheat flour to hot water with soba, which hardens it before being mixed with red beans. The gentle sweetness heals your tiredness from walking around Jindai-ji Temple.

☆Address: 5-9-1 Jindaiji-Moto-machi, Chofu City, Tokyo
☆TEL: 042-98-1323