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Sumidori Kura IKEDA

About 13 minutes walk from JR Mitake Station, there is the “Sumidori Kura IKEDA” near the Ichinotorii gate of Musashi Mitake Shrine, which specializes in serving chicken dishes. The most popular menu item is the “Mukashi-dori”, which is cooked by grilling a chicken thigh with the bone over charcoal, and is said to be named because it has a chewy texture and the taste of fat is similar to that of “old-fashioned chicken”. The chicken used is ordered from both Ome City and Iruma City. When the owner roasts the chicken on the charcoal grill, the fragrant scent spreads out around you, and your mouth will water. We also recommend the large black rice ball named “Bakudan” wrapped in seaweed from Hiroshima prefecture, which is also very appetizing. In the warehouse next to the restaurant, there is held a history exhibition of Tamagawa river raft and other gallery exhibitions.

「Sumidori Kura IKEDA」
☆Address:2-313 Mitake, Ome-City, Tokyo 198-0174

☆TEL: 0428-85-8726