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Ryumaru Nishiwake factory-owned outlet

Ryumaru is a long-established Japanese and Western confectionary store founded in 1945. They have 5 stores in Ome City and 1 store in Hamura City. A popular product is the plum-shaped “Ome Senbei (rice cracker)”. Ryumaru has been making the Ome Senbei, loved as a specialty of Ome City for over 100 years, since 1975.

The main ingredients are eggs, flour, and sugar. The more you chew, the more the flavor of the eggs spreads in your mouth.

Nishiwake factory-owned outlet is a direct sales store attached to the new factory that opened at the end of March 2019. In addition to “Ome Senbei” and Japanese sweets, “Ome Noble” and “Butter Sable” are on sale.

Address: 3-104 Nishiwake-cho, Ome City, Tokyo (Nishiwake factory-owned outlet) 198-0044

Tel: 0428-22-5349