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Ristorante Primi Baci

Ristorante Primi Baci faces Inokashira-Onshi Koen Park. Takashi Ugajin, the executive chef orders fresh fish and vegetables every day that are then delivered by contracted farmers. He always cooks dishes with these ingredients. He changes his new menus to utilize seasonal ingredients for every season and serves multi-course dinners with seasonal themes. The best wine to go with each dish are chosen by sommeliers from about one hundred different wines. His casual lunch course is enjoyed while feeling the atmosphere of soft natural sunshine through the windows and nature from the park.

「Ristorante Primi Baci」
☆Address: 2nd Floor Inokashira Parkside Bldg., 1-21-1 Kichijoji-Minami-cho, Musashino City, Tokyo
☆TEL: 0422-72-8202