Another Tokyo TAMA

Located near Okunitama Shrine, Izakaya is a standing-style pub where you can enjoy seasonal vegetable dishes with Sake. In addition to Sake from the Tama region such as Kou-Tsuru and Sawanonoi, you may enjoy other Sake from various places in Japan, rare Sanchi Hoppes from the Tama region, and premium beers produced by the Suntory Musashino Factory. Small dishes with reasonable prices from 120 to 420 yen are also served. Additionally you can enjoy stewed beef and seasonal vegetable tempura, as well as western items such as grilled cheese and olives. Fuchu produced vegetables are used abundantly in many of these dishes, increasing their quality.

Address. 2-3-8, Miyamachi, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo

TEL. 042-306-9030