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Momijiya-honten (Restaurant)

“Tororo Soba (Japanese noodles with grated yam)”, one of Takao-san Mountain’s specialty gourmet dishes is used to provide nutritious natural yam with soba to heal the tiredness of worshipers visiting Yakuo-in. It is said to have been popular here first and then spread its popularity outward. Therefore, there are many soba restaurants from Takao-san Station along the Keio Line to the entrance of the mountain trail. The most popular restaurant of these is Momijiya-honten, which was founded in 1897. Their popular menu “Tororo Soba (with quail eggs)” is characterized by its pure white and fluffy tororo (grated yam). When grating the yam only the central part of the yam with is used. When eating tororo with moderately chewy soba, the rich taste spreads in your mouth, and it is recommended that the quail eggs be mixed with the tororo.

「Momijiya-honten (Restaurant)」
☆Address: 2208 Takao-machi, Hachioji City, Tokyo 193-0844