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Soba (Japanese noodles) Kiryu-an

“Soba Kiryu-an” is a soba restaurant with a modern atmosphere that opened near JR Akigawa Station in 2015. The elegant storefront which resembles a traditional townhouse in Kyoto attracted notice.
It is the center of attention for younger generations and tourists visiting Japan because it is said that you can enjoy authentic soba noodles in the restaurant with the warmth among the trees.
The owner himself offers three types of soba, “Horokanai Soba in Hokkaido”, “Hitachi Aki Sob in Ibaraki Prefecture”, and “Aizu no Kaori in Fukushima Prefecture” all using carefully selected ingredients and handmade noodles.

You can enjoy the smooth texture of the noodles and the aroma of buckwheat flour because Ni(2)-Hachi(8) soba is made from a mixture of buckwheat and wheat flour. They serve “Three kinds of soba noodles” between which you can compare the taste, and a “Tempura assortment” with crispy tempura and soba noodles. “Soba Gallette” topped with ice cream and fruit is also available. In addition, you can enjoy domestic sake such as the sake “Chiyotsuru” by Nakamura Brewery in Akiruno City.

Address: 125-10 Aburadai, Akiruno City, Tokyo 197-0827

Tel: 042-533-2522