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Gomadokoro Gongen Chaya (Café)

“Gomadokoro Gongen Chaya” is a roadside café located along mountain hiking Route 1 of Takao-san Mountain. Because it is in front of Takao-san Yakuo-in Temple, it is always crowded with many customers. The menu is wide-ranging from light meals to sweets, and the popular “Tengu Ramen” provides the same outstanding flavor as a “Zakkoku Tororo-Bo (Millet Tororo Stick)” which is mixed with tororo (yam) and millet and then fried. The ten ingredients (Ten-gu) in the healthy soup with plenty of black sesame go well together. The rich nutritional ingredients and moderate acidity of the soup heal the tiredness of mountain hiking. After eating, we recommend “Goma-dango (Sesame dumplings) with a glutinous texture.

☆Address:2177 Takao-machi, Hachioji City, Tokyo 193-0844
☆TEL: 042-661-2361