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Chitose-ya Shop

Chitose-ya, a tofu shop on the way to Hossawa-Taki Waterfall in Hihohara-mura Village, sells a traditional handmade tofu made from the pure water of nearby Akikawa River and domestic soybeans.

Not only do the visitors want this tofu but they also really want to have “Unohana donuts”. It is a popular product made from tofu pulp and rich tasting soymilk mixed into the dough. However, these may be sold out on holidays during tourist season. With its chewy texture, the flavor of soybeans and faint sweetness spread throughout your mouth as you eat them. Freshly fried food is also offered at the store, and it is said that 1200 donuts are manufactured a day. The donuts are loved not only by tourists but also by the locals for many years. The tofu flavor ice cream is also a standard, and it is said that many fans enjoy its mellow richness and light sweetness.

Address: 5557 Motoshuku, Hinohara-mura, Nishi-tama-gun, Tokyo 190-0214

Tel: 042-598-0056