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Tama’s Flower

There are many spots where you can enjoy cherry blossom-viewing in the Tama area with its rich natural amenities.

When spring comes, seasonal flowers bloom, especially those on the cherry trees. This beautiful scenery is enjoyed by crowds of many cherry blossom-viewers.

Wild mountain cherry trees blooming in mountain villages, azaleas growing on extensive temple grounds, and colorful flowers of the various government managed parks. This scenery is unique to the Tama area.

Why don’t you enjoy the springtime in Tama by visiting famous spots and breweries within this area?

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Ajisai-yama Mountain

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You can appreciate about 10,000 hydrangeas which Mr. Chuichi Minamizawa, called Hanasaka old man “Chuichicchan” who lives in the local area, has planted and cared for over a half century by himself at “Minami-ajisai-yama” in the Fukasawa district of Akiruno City. In total about 30 species of Colorful hydrangeas grow, such as Annabel, Mountain hydrangeas, and Hydrangea Involucrata bloom mostly around mid-June and coming to an end in mid-July. The mountains’ natural foliage provides a beautiful sight where forest trees such as cedar coexist magnificently with the hydrangeas. A pleasing environment has been created along this mountain road to experience in 2018 where you can enjoy plants flowering within the natural forest environment.

368 Fukasawa,Akiruno-city, Tokyo
TEL. 090-5540-9100(do-mo)

Shiofunekannon-ji Temple

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The Shiofunekannon-ji Temple in Ome City is an old temple that is said to have been founded by Yaobikuni during the Taika Era (A.D.645 – A.D. 650). In the mountains surrounding the temple precincts, round cut azalea grow in pink, red, and white, which fill the whole area when spring arrives. “Shiofunekannon-ji temple Tsutsuji (azalea) Matsuri Festival” is held from the middle of April to the beginning of May during the best time for viewing of these azaleas. A passage is has been established through the Azaleas where about 20 varieties, totaling 20,000 plants are proudly displayed for close inspection.

194 Shiofune,Ome-city, Tokyo
TEL. 0428-22-6677

Otsu Hana-no-sato Flower Garden

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“The Otsu Hana-no-sato Flower Garden” provides beautiful mountain scenery with spring flowers. From early April, the Mitsuba Azalea features a vibrant pink color complementing the blooming Someiyoshino and weeping cherry trees. The scenery is like an earthly paradise. Inside the same district, there is the Ryushuin Temple where the colors of the spring grass and trees are reflected in the cafes of the precinct. It is the perfect area for spring excursions. There are also “Furusato Koubou Itsukaichi Workshops” where you can experience paper making and other crafts. This location includes the hot spring facility “Akikawa-keikoku Valley Seotono-yu”. This is an area where you can enjoy a whole day relaxing with your family and friends.

Otsu,Akiruno-city, Tokyo
TEL. 042-558-1111

Kunitachi City Cherry blossoms at Daigaku Dori Street

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  • Spring

Kunitachi City was developed as an educational and cultural city from the end of the Taisho era, and many streets were set in an ordered arrangement. Along 1.3km of Daigaku Dori Street extending from Kunitachi station to Hitotsubashi University, about 170 cherry blossom trees line up, and in spring they form an amazing pink arch. Cherry blossom trees at the Daigaku Dori Street have been maintained and protected throughout the year by the local gardeners who work to care for the cherry blossom trees. Restaurants and cafes are scattered along the street, where it is also recommended to enjoy cherry blossom-viewing while walking around.

2chome Higashi,Kunitachi-city, Tokyo
TEL. 042-574-1199

Showa Kinen Park(Showa Commemorative National Government Park)

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Showa Kinen Park boasts a vast area 39 times the size of the Tokyo Dome. In “the Cherry blossom Garden” on the northern side of “Mina-no-Harappa area”, you can enjoy Someiyoshino cherry blossom-viewing while sitting on the benches or laying picnic sheets under the relaxing blue sky. In the park there are about 1500 cherry trees grow there in total, comprising 30 varieties including rare cherry trees that give green flowers found only in this park. Along the river in the park, Kawazu and Satoyama cherry blossoms bloom along with various other flowers such as rape flowers, tulips, poppies and others which can be appreciated from late March to late May.

3173 Midoricho,Tachikawa-city, Tokyo
TEL. 042-528-1751

Cherry blossoms of the Fussa Tamagawa River Embankment

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  • Spring

Following the blooming of 2.5 km of flowering cherry trees along the embankment of the Tamagawa River within Fussa City. The Sakura Matsuri Festival will be held from 30th March (Saturday) to 7th April (Sunday) this year. During the festival, 2 km of lanterns are hung from the cherry trees and are illuminated at night in front of Myojin Koen Park. It is also characteristic of the area that the cherry trees grow in an arch facing the river. Increasing the charm of this spot is that you can enjoy cherry blossom-viewing beneath the cherry trees. There is a familiar sake “Kasen” of a long-established “Tamura Brewery” in the surrounding area. It is also recommended to visit this area after having purchasing sake specifically for cherry blossom-viewing.

from North-Denen-Saki to South-Denen-Saki,Fussa-city, Tokyo
TEL. 042-551-1740