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Ookunitama Jinja Shrine Tori-no-ichi

A Tori-no-ichi (open-air market selling lucky charms to pray for prosperity in business) is held at Ookunitama Jijnja Shrine, where the protectorate gods of Musashi Province are enshrined. Every year the market is visited by many worshippers who come to buy bamboo rakes decorated with good-luck masks and money boxes that symbolize raking in good fortune.


☆Event date:Nov. 6 (Mon), Nov. 18 (Sut), Nov. 30 (Thu)


☆Address: 3-1 Miyamachi, Fuchu City, Tokyo

☆Access: Walk: About 5 minutes walk from Keio Line Fuchu Station, or About 5 minutes walk from JR Nanbu Line or Musashino Line「Fuchu-Honmachi」