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Kurayami festival

The Kurayami-matsuri Festival is held every year from 30th April to 6th May. It is the Ookunitama Shinto Shrine’s annual festival in Fuchu City and, in addition, one of the Kanto’s three major strange festivals of Kanto area. Long ago, the name Kurayami originates from an event called “Mikoshi Togyo.” Mikoshi Togyo was an event where in the midst of the night when the lights were extinguished, Mikoshi would be transferred as to “it is taboo to look straight upon the appearance of the gods.” The Mikoshi Togyo is on 5th May, and is cued with fireworks. Eight Mikoshi will be led by large Taiko drums to a place called Otabisho, a place where the souls of the deceased rest. This location is at the intersection of the Kamakura-kaido Route and the former Koshu-kaido Highway.