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Tama's Cycling

The area containing Okutama and the upper basin of the Akigawa River is in the mountains on the west side of the Tamagawa River, which runs into Tokyo Bay after converging with many of its tributaries. This area is close to the source of the Tamagawa River and retains its rich natural environment.

In between Okutama and Ome is the Mitake Valley, called the “retreat of Tokyo” where there are mountains, rivers and historic sites where visitors can enjoy various activities. Besides such natural bounty, many places of interests, including shrines, temples, and museums are dotted about in Ome City.

The Akigawa Valley, formally called “Akirugo,” extends from Akiruno and Hinohara. Nearby is the valley of the Minami-Akigawa River, running from 1,528 meter-high Mt. Mito-san, the highest of three mountains in Okutama, and the Kita-Akigawa River flowing out just below Mt. Tsukiyomi-yama. Both rivers contribute to the scenic beauty of the area in all seasons.

All these places are a bit hard to see on foot, so I recommend you rent a bicycle to easily enjoy the scenic beauty of the Okutama and Akigawa River area.

The power-assisted bicycle allows you even to go up the steep mountain slopes against the wind without much effort. Feel the natural splendor and long history of the Tama area throughout your body, and you will find yourself smiling even if you are not very fond of bicycles.

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From entry-level models to road bikes and power-assisted types, a wide variety of bicycles are available at "Trekkling". You can also choose from different course plans, including a 20 kilometer long downhill course from Okutama to Ome. A leisurely trip to places with spiritual energy. An authentic hill-climbing course is also offered, so that both beginners and the experienced can enjoy cycling.

197, Hikawa, Okutama-machi, Nishi-Tama-gun, Tokyo 198-0212
TEL. 0428-74-9091


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  • Mitake Valley
  • Ome
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The "Minacle" is a bike rental store business within JR Mitake Station of the Ome Line (also called "Tokyo Adventure Line"). Getting off the train, you can immediately embark on an adventure trip to the Okutama and Ome area. All bikes rented here are the power-assisted type. Choose either a city bike for beginners or a seven-speed road bike. There are seven return spots within the area for your convenience.

310, Mitake-honcho, Ome-shi, Tokyo 198-0212
TEL. 070-4216-2488

Tokyo Ura-yama Base

  • Itsukaichi Line
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  • Akiruno
  • Akigawa Valley
  • Bicycle

The "Tokyo Ura-yama Base", located in front of JR Musashi-itsukaichi Station, is the base for outdoor trips to the Akiruno and Akigawa Valley area. After changing clothes in the dressing room and putting your stuff in the locker, you can immediately go into a vast wilderness on a sport-type rental bike. On coming back, take a shower to refresh yourself. You can also drink a toast to your adventure while dining here.

Otsu,Akiruno-city, Tokyo
TEL. 050-1417-6751

HINOHARIDE bicycle rental

  • Hinohara
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  • Bicycle

Enjoy a leisurely trip around Hinohara-mura, a village in Tokyo blessed with a pristine environment and cultural heritage, on a power-assisted bike that makes it easier to ascend slopes. What awaits you here at HINOHARIDE are four recommended courses to visit various scenic and healing places, including waterfalls and mountain passes with superb vistas.

5493, Hinohara-mura, Nishi-Tama-gun, Tokyo (Hossawa-no-taki Station)
TEL. 080-4175-3196

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