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Tamura Shuzojo Sake Brewery

A brewery located in Fussa with 200 years of history known for “Kasen”, “Tamura” and other sake. At Tamura Shuzojo sake brewery, who’s slogan is “Wajo-ryoshu” as “A good relationship brews a good sake.”, the elite workers are rigorously trained by Mr. Nambu Toji, he is one of Japan’s top three Toji and is locally born. Sake brewing is carried out daily with the utmost care and love.
The Kisen Junmai Daiginjo sold in spring is a special limited item that can be brewed only in small amounts using 35% of “Yamada Nishiki” rice and with Chichibu Okutama ground water used as sake mother water, producing an attractive Fruity fragrance and soft taste.

Address. 626, Fussa, Fussa-shi, Tokyo