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Takao-san Mountain Trick Art Museum

At the foot of Takao-san Mountain, a tourist attraction in the Nishitama area, the “Takao-san Mountain Trick Art Museum” is a playful mood museum where huge kaleidoscopes and deception paintings are exhibited. The building is four stories with about 250 walls inside the facility and many murals outside the building. “Swaying cityscape” is a painting drawn of three houses, and it is a unique mechanism that makes the houses look three-dimensional when you move your eyes to the left and right. A huge kaleidoscope with a total length of about 5 meters lets you see spectacular pink and blue holograms when you look inside. You can take pictures inside the building, so you can take memorable pictures with your family and friends and have fun. It seems that memories of sightseeing in Takao will increase.

Address: 1786 Takao-machi, Hachioji City, Tokyo 193-0844

Tel: 042-667-1081