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Takao-san Saru-en (Monkey Park)/Wild Plant Garden

“Takao-san Saru-en (Monkey Park)/Wild Plant Garden” on the hillside of Takao-san Mountain is a park where you can see about 80 monkeys and about 300 kinds of wildflowers that grow naturally around the diverse Takao-san area. At the Monkey Park the caretakers introduce you to the life and behaviors of monkeys in a way that is easy to understand. Events are also held irregularly, and The Entertainment Park for monkeys “Nikko Saru Gundan” in Tochigi Pref. sometimes comes to visit. At the “Wild Plant Garden” Takao Sumire bloom in spring, False Anemone (Anemonopsis Macrophylla) flowers in summer, and Eranthis Pinnatifida in winter. There are wildflowers blooming throughout the four seasons. It is a popular spot on Takao-san mountain visited by many groups of children and the elderly because of the easy three minute walk from the cable car at Takao-san Station.

「Takao-san Saru-en (Monkey Park)/Wild Plant Garden」
☆Address:2179 Takao-machi, Hachioji City, Tokyo 193-0844
☆TEL: 042-661-2381