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Ookunitama Shinto Shrine

Founded in the 41st year of Emperor Keiko-Tenno (approximately AD 111), Ookunitama Shinto Shrine with it’s nearly 1900 years’ worth history enshrines Ookunitama-no-Oogami, the guardian deity of Musashino-no-kuni. This is the same god as Izumo’s Ookuninushi-no-kami. Long ago in the open Musashino-no-kuni, it is told that Ookunitama-no-Oogami taught the people how to provide for themselves, how to heal themselves, and incantations. Fuku-no-kami is also famous for being the god of marriage.

Address. 3-1, Miyamachi, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo

TEL. 042-362-2130