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Noyamakita-Rokudoyama Park

Noyamakita-Rokudoyama Park’s abundant nature has been preserved by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and it is the largest municipal park. It is located on the western side of Toritsu Sayama Park, a “green island” in the capital city. Most trees in the park are deciduous, like pin oaks, sawtooth oaks, and Japanese snowbells, so you can enjoy the landscapes of each season. At “Satoyama Experiential Area,” many park volunteers perform activities like paddy, field, and woods management, as well as the hosting of events.

「Noyamakita-Rokudoyama Park」
☆Address:4-2 Mitsugi, Musashimurayama City, Tokyo 208-0032

☆TEL: 042–531–2325(Noyamakita-Rokudoyama Park Information Center (Management Office))