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Mitake Visitor Center

The Mitake Visitor Center is about a 10-minutes walk from Mitake-san Station on the Mitake Cable Car. This facility introduces the nature, animals and plants of Mitake-san Mountain to those visiting. A resident interpreter guides you to recommended mountain hiking routes and highlights for each season, information on what is flowering, and points out where cute flying squirrels live. In the Visitor Center, items such as stuffed animals and plants are displayed and activities where you can enjoy crafting experiences using nuts are also provided in the building. The latest information on Mitake-san Mountain is also posted on our website and social media. This is the facility you definitely want to stop by to enjoy Mitake-san Mountain.

「Mitake Visitor Center」
☆Address:38-5 Mitake-san, Ome City, Tokyo 198-0175
☆TEL: 0428-78-9363