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Mitake Tozan Railway

The Mitake-san Cable Car, which connects the foot of Mitake-san Mountain to its summit, was founded in 1927. It is an indispensable means of transportation for people who live on Mitake-san Mountain, such as Shukubo (pilgrim’s lodging) and shrines near the summit, as well as those who visit for sightseeing and mountain hiking. Riders are thrilled by the steep slope with an average grade of 22 degrees and a maximum of 25 degrees, while looking at the scenery of Mikake-san Mountain. They can arrive at the summit in no time at all as it takes only 6 minutes from Takimoto Station at the foot of the mountain to Mitake-san Station at an altitude of 831m. In the shops at Mitake-san Station you can find many unique souvenirs such as mountaineering equipment and local crafts.

「Mitake Tozan Railway」
☆Address:2-483 Mitake, Ome City, Tokyo 198-0174
☆TEL: 0428-78-8121