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Kushi Kanzashi Museum (Combs & Ornamental Hair Pins Museum)

The Kushi Kanzashi Museum displays beauty products used by women from the Edo period to the Showa period. Approximately 4000 items are on display such as “combs” for combing hair, “Kanzashi” for holding up hairstyles, portable red lipstick case “Beniita,” and “Hakoseko” for arranging mirrors and decorative accessories. Most of the items in the collection were collected by Okazaki Chiyo, well known as a collector of combs and hairpins for over 40 years. These combs and hairpins differ in materials, processing technique, and craft skills depending on the age or the types they were made, but each of them is made delicately, and with detail. Here you can glimpse ways within Japanese culture to provide functional beauty.

「Kushi Kanzashi Museum 」
☆Address:3-764-1 Yugi-cho, Ome City, Tokyo 198-0064