Another Tokyo TAMA

Koshinyu, in Nishitokyo City has two unique baths, named Fujino-yu and Kinuno-yu. The baths for men and women are switched every week. The background picture of each bath was painted by the artist Mizuki Tanaka. Mt. Fuji is drawn in Fujino-yu and the view of Mt. Kinzan in Okuaizu of Fukushima prefecture is displayed in Kinunoyu. There are only three mural painters in Japan as of 2022. Mr. Tanaka, who is in his thirties, is the youngest. He began his apprenticeship under his master while working for an art publishing company, but he retired early from that company to inherit the culture of mural painting. Throughout his 9 years of apprenticeship, he painted various backgrounds for Koshinoyu and a variety of other works around the Kanto area.



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