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Kobayashi Family Residence

The “Kobayashi Family Residence”, which was built around 1700 in the middle of the Edo era, is an old Japanese style house located in the mountains of Hinohara-mura Village at an altitude of 750 meters. It is a valuable private mountain house built over 300 years ago and was designated as a National Important Cultural Property in 1978.

Charcoal making has been practiced in Hinohara-mura Village for a long time, and charcoal kilns and huts are still kept in good condition. Here you can get a glimpse of the lives of people who have lived in harmony with nature.

When heading to the “Kobayashi Family Residence”, you can walk along the mountain trail or use the dedicated monorail. Though monorails are often thought of as being used as load carriages or other work, it seems many tourists come to enjoy the monorail since it is rare for one to be used for passengers.

* Reservations are required by phone on the day prior to boarding.

Address: 4994 Hinohara-mura, Nishi-tama-gun, Tokyo 190-0203

Tel: 090-5543-0750