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Katsunuma Castle Ruins

Katsunuma Castle Ruins

Katsunuma Castle is said to have been the residence of the Mita Family who ruled the Ome area during the Muromachi period.

After the fall of Mita, it was under the jurisdiction of Hojo Ujiteru of the Hojo clan. Later, when Toyotomi Hideyoshi destroyed the Hojo Family, it is said that the castle also fell.

The castle ruins in Higashi-Ome in Ome City were designated as a historical environment conservation area in Tokyo in 1975 and designated as a historic site in Tokyo in 1993.

While the ruins of the castle are densely covered with trees, the earthworks and empty moat that were built to protect the castle can still be seen, and it’s possible to imagine the original appearance of Katsunuma Castle.

Address: 6-92 Higashi-Ome, Ome City, Tokyo 198-0042