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Jindai-ji Temple

Jindai-ji Temple which was located in the lush forest of Musashino is one of the oldest temples in the Kanto region as it was founded in 733. It is also known as a temple for blessing and marriage. When Jindai-ji temple was first built, a Buddha statue (Hakuho Buddah) was presumed to have been the principal god at the time of construction. This temple is a masterpiece of the late Asuka era and it received national treasure designation in 2017 with the only Buddist temple structure in Tokyo and is the site of the oldest national treasure in East Japan. You can visit all year. Every year, March 3rd and 4th, the “Yakuyoke-Ganzan-Daishi-Taisai” festival is one of Japan’s three largest Daruma markets. The “Jindai-ji soba”, which has a history of more than 400 years, is also famous, and there are about 20 soba shops on the approach to the front of the gate.

「Jindai-ji Temple」
☆Address: 5-15-1 Jindaiji-Moto-machi, Chofu City, Tokyo
☆TEL: 042-486-5511