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Takao-sanroku (Takao-san Mountain Foothills) Hikawa-Jinja Shrine

A one minute walk from Takao-san-guchi Station on the Keio Line, “Takao-sanroku Hikawa-Jinja Shrine” is said to be beneficial for marriage and a good harvest. It is said that in the local area of Hachioji Katakura that the lord of the castle Oe-bicchu-no-kami Morochika ordered the construction of Hikawa-Jinja Shrine at Musashi Ichinomiya between 1394 and 1428 to worship the deity. Prior to this though, the shrine had been located in Shimo-kunugida-mura-omaki (currently Kunugida-machi). It is reported that the shrine was rebuilt in 1662 and is now revered by locals as a guardian of the Takao area. Every year on the 3rd Saturday and Sunday of August, a portable shrine and a lion dance are performed as a dedication at the festival.

「Takao-sanroku (Takao-san Mountain Foothills) Hikawa-Jinja Shrine 」
☆Address:2258 Takao-machi, Hachioji City, Tokyo 193-0844
☆TEL: 042-673-6641