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Higashi-baba, located on the approach to Musashi-Mitake Jinja Shrine, built in 1886 is a Shukubo (pilgrim’s lodging). It features a thatched roof that conveys the appearance of the Edo period as it was. It is a historic building with tatami rooms decorated in the Shoin-zukuri style, an inner temple for religious ceremonies, a restroom and a private study which were used in Edo peiod. It is registered as a cultural property of the residence “Babake-oshi-Jutaku” designated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Only one group per day can stay there and it can be used as a lunch or teahouse.

☆Address:54 Mitake-san, Ome City, Tokyo 198-0175

☆TEL: 0428-78-8446