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Ginza Akie Sashiko-kan Hall

“Ginza Akie Sashiko-kan” Hall which is located in the deep mountains of Hinohara-mura Village, is the facility for displaying of the works representative of Japan’s Sashiko (Traditional Japanese hand embroidery stitches) by the artist, Ginza Akie who has five directly managed stores nationwide mainly in Tokyo, and operates 27 classrooms.

Sashiko is a traditional Japanese hand embroidery stitching technique where lines are embroidered on an indigo cloth with white thread. Ginza Akie is characterized by a modern arrangement of the classic sashiko patterns, and the works are dyed with indigo dye and vegetable dye. Using cotton threads of different thickness skillfully in the shippo pattern (classic cloisonné tie) or hemp leaf design, even portraits can be expressed with sashiko.

Address: 6128 Nango, Hinohara-mura, Nishi-tama-gun, Tokyo 190-0223

Tel: 042-598-6200