Another Tokyo TAMA

Here you can read about 7,000 comic books without limit. Open for 22 hours a day, the building uses 100% groundwater. Fujimiyu in Akishima City proudly displays images of the impressive number of comic books that are all lined up in the lobby on its website, is a public bath based on the concept of “a fun and crazy public bath that even young people want to visit.” At first, the numbers of comic books displayed on the wall in the lobby seem overwhelming. As mentioned above, all 7,000 displayed comic books can be read all while laying down in the lobby or the space provided on the second floor.

You are even more surprised when you entered the bathing room and you see colorful murals depicting auspicious things such as beckoning cats, phoenixes, turtles, and Mt. Fuji. A long time ago, a fossil of a whale was discovered in Akishima City, and because of this event there is a particularly large painted mural of a whale as well. The hot water used for the bath is from the groundwater of Akishima City, which is the only water source in Tokyo composed of only groundwater. It is a public bath that uses luxurious clean groundwater that can be drunk straight from the faucet.

Address: 1250 Nakagami Akishima City Tokyo 196-0022

Tel: 042-541-2081