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Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum

This is an open-air museum where relocated and exhibited historical buildings with high cultural value from the early Edo period to the mid-Showa period are located. The restored buildings and merchant houses convey history, such as the house of “Hachioji Sennin Doshin (junior officials of Hachioji)” group leader which served the Tokugawa Family and the “Kodera Soy Sauce Store” that had been open since the early Taisho era. The “Shitamachi Naka-dori”, which is lined with restored building, has a nostalgic view like an old shopping street. You can feel the lifestyle of those days closely from the reproduction of everyday item. The museum is a very popular spot for cherry blossoms and autumn leaves.

「Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum」
☆Address: 3-7-1 Sakura-cho, Koganei City, Tokyo
☆TEL: 042-388-3300 (main phone)