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Lake Okutama-ko was born with the completion of the Ogouchi storage dam in 1957. The area, once called “Ogouchi village,” now serves as a valuable water supply source in Tokyo. The human-made lake of some 45 km around is a beautiful place where visitors can enjoy seasonal attractions: cherry blossoms in spring, verdant greenery in summer, crimson foliage in autumn and glistening snowscapes in winter. Mugiyama-Ukihashi is one of two bridges floating on Lake Okutama-ko using their own buoyancy force. Mugiyama-Ukihashi Bridge is nicknamed “Drum Can Bridge” because it was once actually made of drums. Now drum-like plastics and metal materials are used in its structure. Because this bridge is removed during low water levels at times of drought it is suggested one make inquiries before deciding to travel over it.

Mugiyama Floating Bridge
☆Address: 197, Okutama-machi, Nishi-Tama-gun, Tokyo
☆TEL: 0428-83-2152(Okutama Tourism Association)